frequently asked questions

1. How are the invitations printed?

There are two types of printing available. One is using Thermography which is a process that produces a "raised" print. The other is a flat printing which sometimes can be more economical.


2. How can I ensure that my invitation information is correct before printing?

Each item you order will have a pdf proof emailed to you so you can print out to check for mistakes.

3. Can I choose my own wording?

Yes! We will work with you on the wording for each item or you can create something on your own.

4. Do you print non english wordings?

YES! English characters are used in many languages. If it is a non English language we can work together by creating an image file of the text that can either be e-mailed or faxed.

5. How long will it take to get my invitations?

Plan ahead. Please try to allow yourself 3-4 weeks to choose and create your perfect invitation. Once you have approved your design and text, printing can be completed in approximately 1 week.

6. How much will my invitations cost?

Before meeting with you, an approximate quote can be provided.